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    Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants

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    Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants

    Joshlynn Neil (35),AUS

    This has become a staple in my wardrobe and my go-to compression when going out as this goes well with any outfit. Love the comfortable, stretchy fit around my tummy. It holds my tummy in while flattering my curves. I can go from casual to dressy with this garment. And it looks invisible under my clothes. Very good quality product!


    Jennifer Booth (28), USA

    I love wearing form-fitting dresses and high-waist trousers for office wear, and these cross-compression pants are right up my alley. I love the breathable, comfortable feel of the fabric and the snug fit. This also compresses my butt and gives it a nice shape. Really works for tummy tuck as well! This product is really great in hiding all the bulges while enhancing my natural curves at the same time. Will definitely buy more!


     Jaylene Rodgers (25), UK

    I purchased the Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants for postpartum belly support, and I love how comfortable it felt! These pants feature bones that prevent them from rolling down, giving me a snug fit, perfect for a tummy tuck with some muscle repair. The gentle compression really keeps down the swelling and hides my pregnancy pooch. And I'm convinced that this product really helped speed up my postpartum recovery time. Really impressed by the quality of these compression pants! And I'll keep using this when I'm going out.


    The Benefits of Wearing Compression Pants

    Compression undergarments have become a wardrobe staple for women these days, and for good reasons. You may already know what compression pants do to help you achieve an hourglass figure or a more feminine silhouette. But you may be unaware that you can reap serious benefits from wearing this slimming garment apart from body contouring and confidence boost.

    • Posture improvement & abdominal muscle support

    Core-shaping pants and undergarments are made up of a stretchy material that conforms to your body shape. The elasticity provides compression and support for your back, improving your walking and sitting posture by keeping your body straight and firm. The gentle pressure from the material also reduces back strain and alleviates pain in the lumbar area and the lower back. Additionally, the shapewear supports abdominal muscles, strengthening and restoring the core muscles and keeping the internal organs in their normal position when used regularly.

    • Reduced muffin top

    Wearing compression shape-wear under fitted tops, jeans, and dresses will reduce the appearance of muffin tops. Compression pants and undergarments are designed to flatten your waistline and tummy, allowing you to fit in a smaller clothing size.

    • Prolapse and aging benefits 

    As women age, the body goes through a lot of physical changes such as humpback, fat buttock, flat hip, turnip leg, bosom prolapse, pail waist, bladder prolapse, and more. Wearing compression pants gives a proper support and subtle lifting and toning effect for women undergoing the process of aging.

    • Muscle recovery benefits

    Compression garments are engineered to increase blood flow in the pelvic floor, lower back, and upper and lower abdominal region. As it applies pressure to the skin's surface, the increased blood flow will help speed up muscle recovery and reduce stiffness post workout or intense activity.

    • Postpartum compression

    Wearing a compression garment immediately after giving birth can help women heal and get back to their pre-pregnancy body faster. The compression from the fabric gives stomach and back support and compresses the abdominal region. This will help you to shrink your uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size. Postpartum compression reduces uterus swelling as it aids in flushing out extra fluid from the body. Women who underwent c-section operation will also benefit from these compression pants as these garments give relief from the pain and pressure associated with an incision.


    Crafted with Three-Dimensional Cross-Lock Knit Construction with Optimal Compression

    The Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants is engineered to provide maximum support as the comfortable, breathable fabric sits perfectly on your curves and tightens loose skin and extra bulges without rolling down. Built-in soft bones allow the fabric to cling to the curves and prevent the waistband from curling, crinkling, or slipping, making it perfect for daily long wear.

    The compression body shaping pants delivers slimming, butt lifting, and tummy tucking effect as it features optimal compression. This helps the body contour and creates a flattering silhouette under the tightest tops or dress, helping you achieve the best looks for any occasion.

    Ultra-breathable Comfort Fabric

    This high-waist shapewear is made of ultra-soft, highly stretchy nylon material that does not deform easily and is seamless under tight clothing. The elasticity of the fabric of this body sculpting underwear gives you a slimmer figure without cutting off the circulation. Thin mesh holes give superb comfort and breathability.


    This high waist body sculpting underwear provides maximum support and compression for tummy control and hip and booty lifting!

    The Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants will:

    • Flatter your curves with comfort
    • Flatten your waistline and tummy
    • Give your buttocks a lift
    • Compress body shape for a lifting effect
    • Create a seamless, more feminine silhouette under tight clothing
    • Tone and tighten loose skin and bulges without cutting off the circulation
    • Provide a tummy tuck and reduce the appearance of fat crow and muffin top
    • Speed up postpartum recovery
    • Support abdominal muscle and the lower back
    • Help improve posture
    • Deliver breathable comfort and high stretchability

    The best shapewear is snug and form fitting yet soft and so comfortable you can wear it for hours on end without feeling constricted.. It should never be so tight that you feel uncomfortable or like you’re suffocating underneath your clothes." - Shammara Lawrence, a freelance fashion writer


    "If people want to wear these compression pants and garments, they should wear them. Unlike jeans or belts, they are extremely flexible and the stretch of these fibers is up to 500%." - Dr. Jamile Wakim-Fleming, a hepatologist


    Naomi Thomas’ postpartum recovery with the Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants

    Week 1:

    I've had a great postpartum journey with the Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants. I bought this a week after giving birth for abdomen support and was happy with the quality of this garment. First week of wearing this helped speed up the recovery of my abdominal muscles. Love the gentle compression it provides.

    Week 3:

    The comfortable fabric, which fits tightly yet comfortably around my midsection, gives proper support to my tummy and spine. And after over three weeks of wearing this compression underwear, I felt like it improved my mobility. I can move around freely without discomfort.

    Week 6:

    This high waist shapewear has become a staple in my drawer. This not only gave me compression benefits while I was healing after childbirth, but also reduced the swelling in my tummy and helped me achieve a slimmer look. Wearing this holds the excess fat and loose skin in place. I love it and will keep wearing it!


    Product Specifications: 

    • Materials: Stretchable nylon & thin mesh
    • Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL
    • Colors: Skin, Blue, Black, Pink


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Cross Compression Core Shaping Pants

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