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    Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit

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    Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit

    The Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit is definitely what you needed for all your electrical repair! See what users said about it!

    Zachary Lewis (29), Tulsa, Oklahoma


    These wire connectors are much more durable and weather-resistant than the other thin-walled shrink-fit tubing out there. They will last and protect whatever the tubing is covering. These are about the ideal size to cover a butt connector. Love that this heat shrink connector creates a superior protective casing. Makes it ideal for outdoor applications.


    Lucas Shaw (49), Lubbock, Texas

    This is just the perfect size! This connector fits the cables and wires that I'm usually working with. I mainly use this for heavy-duty electrical work on my RV, and it really worked as described! The quality and durability are no joke. The protective seal can really withstand prolonged vibration. This stuff is amazing! I usually stick to this one brand that I've previously worked with, but this Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit has really proven its value! So, I guess I'm repurchasing.


    Tommy Burns (37), Helena, Montana


    So easy to work with! The color-coded tubing allows me to spot the right-sized connector at a glance, and I can easily customize it to whatever the length of the cable I’m currently splicing. It also shrinks quickly! The dual-walled electrical connectors are safely enclosed in a case with dividers, allowing easy organization, access, and transport. So, yeah. It's safe to say that I love pretty much everything about this product. Will order again!


    The Basics of Heat Shrink Wire Connectors 

    Heat-shrink wire connectors allow you to create reliable and weather-proof wiring connections for automobiles, boats, DIY home electrical projects, audio systems, and other low-voltage wiring applications.

    This type of electrical connector has insulation that shrinks when exposed to heat. It typically comes with an adhesion inside that seals tightly against the wire, providing a corrosion-resistant connection that prevents wire damage caused by abrasion, cutting, weather, and low-impact situations.


    Advantages of Polyolefin-based Wire Connectors Over Other Materials

    Polyolefin is a popular and commonly used material for making double-walled heat shrink wire connectors, and for good reasons. Polyolefin-based electrical wire connectors can withstand higher temperatures than heat shrinks made of other materials. It can withstand a high temperature of up to 125°C to 135°C.

    Aside from its high flame retardant, UV resistance, and durability, the dual-walled polyolefin wire connector is also flexible and fast shrinking and has superior chemical and electrical properties. These features make this type of wire connector suitable for mechanical protection, insulation, and marking.


    Waterproof, Dual-walled Design with Excellent Insulation 

    The Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit features electrical connectors with outer polyolefin tubing, which provides great insulation and improves pullout strength. The hot melt adhesive and solder inside ensure that wires are sealed and connected tightly. The heat-activated adhesive is completely waterproof and reliable enough to prevent the wires from slipping out of the terminal, protecting the electrical wiring against corrosion and minor abrasion.

    With a shrinking ratio of 2:1, the Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit can be used in many applications and for professional and emergency use for automotive, marine, boat, and other DIY home wirings and electrical projects.


    Solder two wires in 7 seconds! 

    The Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit allows an all-in-one step solder and seal process without the need for crimp tools and soldering machines! Color-coded tubing makes it convenient to work with. You can easily identify the right size connector for every application, measure your wire, and easily choose the right connector by looking at the wire size chart on the box.

    The Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit includes 50 pieces of waterproof, polyolefin-based heat shrink connectors secured within a storage box, making it easy to store and carry. 

    Why You Should Choose the Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit:

    • Waterproof, double-wall design pipe
    • Outer polyolefin tubing provides excellent insulation and improves pullout strength.
    • Hot melt adhesive & solder seal tightly against the wire, preventing corrosion and minor abrasion
    • Color-coded tubing allows for easy usage and application.
    • Wide applications: Wire connectors with a shrinking ratio: 2:1 can be used for automotive, boat, and other DIY, home wiring, and outdoor electrical applications.
    • Prevents wire slipping
    • Comes in a portable, easy-to-carry storage box

    “Some versions of heat shrink tubing are available as an adhesive-lined product. This version, also known as dual wall tubing, includes an inner wall of adhesive that melts and flows when the tube is exposed to the heat needed to shrink it. Since the adhesive flows, it fills and voids and conforms easily to the shape of the object inside the tube. The adhesive then hardens and provides an environmental seal, protecting the items under the tube from moisture and other contaminants.” - excerpt from an article published on the epec Engineered Technologies website


    Alex Johnston on why the Dual-walled Wire Connector Kit worked for him 

    This dual wall wire connector with two layers, the outer layer is polyolefin heat shrink and the inside layer is an adhesive, worked well for me as it created a moisture-resistant seal, great for insulating wires and cables for cars and doing at-home electrical work. The operating time is also fast and easy, and the applications for this product are limitless!

    I used this kit for ovens and heaters at home, and it's really effective in sealing and protecting electrical splices. I even used this to cover the angled ends of my mic cables. I simply used a heat gun and the glue liner inside really held the pieces tightly. Really solid shrink tubing!


    The connector assortment includes white (AWG 26 – 24), red (AWG 22 – 18), blue (AWG 16 – 14), and yellow (AWG 12 – 10) solder seal connectors that can be used on wire AWG from 26 to 10. 

    Operating temperature range: 

    • Minimum melting temperature of solder: 138 °C
    • Minimum shrinkage temperature: 80 °C
    • Working temperature: - 55 °C - 125 °C
    • Shrinkage temperature: > 160 °C

    How to use:

    • Step 1: Strip wire insulation 1/3 inch on both wire ends. Twist the strands together.
    • Step 2: Apply heat while continuously rotating the wire to make the terminal evenly heated. Use a heat gun or simply a lighter to melt and shrink the connector tubing.
    • Step 3: The tubing will shrink down. Solder will melt and flow through stripped wires.
    • Step 4: Allow the terminal to cool down.



    • Minimum Shrink Temperature: 160 °C
    • Minimum Solder Melting Temperature: 138 °C
    • Shrink Ratio: 2:1
    • Material: Dual-walled polyolefin tubing with solder sleeve
    • Waterproof rating: IP67
    • Cable/Wire Sizes: White (26-24 AWG); Red (22-18 AWG); Blue (16-14 AWG); Yellow (12-10 AWG)
    • Size: 0.25-6mm²
    • The product meets RoHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS, and CE standards.


    Package includes:

    • 50pcs Box Set: 23pcs (Red) + 12pcs (Blue) + 10pcs (White) + 5pcs (Yellow)
    • 100pcs Box Set: 35pcs (Red) + 30pcs (Blue) + 25pcs (White) + 10pcs (Yellow)
    • 200pcs Box Set: 80pcs (Red) + 60pcs (Blue) + 40pcs (White) + 20pcs (Yellow)
    • 500pcs Box Set: 50pcs (Red) + 50pcs (Blue) + 40pcs (White) + 20pcs (Yellow) + 340pcs (Black) 

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