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    Electricity Saver Box

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    Electricity Saver Box

    The Electricity Saver Box helps you save up to 90% on your monthly electricity bill and protects your appliances and electronic devices from power surges and spikes.

    Arthur Rose, USA

    I live alone. So, I don't understand why I couldn't seem to cut my power bills when I only use the refrigerator, air conditioner, and washing machine when I'm at home. I bought the Electricity Saver Box to see if it can actually help reduce my power expenses. The power saving effect was shown on my bill more than a month after using this device. Trust me. It really works.


    Jay Fletcher, UK

    This little box cut my electricity expenses in half. AMAZING! To be honest, I thought it was a scam at first but I got this on discount, so I figured there's little harm in trying. I plugged this into the wall socket over a month ago, and it's really effective. This device is also easy to connect and requires no attention and maintenance. Just leave it plugged in and it will work on reducing your energy consumption without you having to worry about it.


    Talia Marshall, AUS

    True to its claims! I live in a tropical country where there is always a power interruption during stormy weather. I work remotely so I needed something to protect my systems from sudden strikes, and the Electricity Saver Box seemed to fit the bill. This compact power-saving device has been doing an awesome job protecting my gadgets and appliances so far. Really reliable product.


    How to Cope With The Rise of Electricity Price

    The price of electricity is steadily increasing every year. As a consumer, your power bill should reflect the amount of electricity you've used throughout the billing period. So, you've probably tried all sorts of energy efficiency measures to cut expensive bills, but there's only so much you can do if the the biggest reason behind those sky-high electricity bills are utility providers or power companies profiteering off consumers.

    Fortunately, a revolutionary product that hit the market in 2021 could offer you potential savings on costs of electricity and appliances. This Nikola-Tesla-inspired technology comes in a compact, portable, and easy-to-plug-in unit that prevents unnecessary power from entering the electrical cables and overloading the network, reducing voltage instability and overall electricity consumption.


    Lower Your Bills with the Electricity Saver Box

    Originally created to minimize the environmental impact of energy use, the Electricity Saver Box also lets consumers reap the benefits of lower bills by helping you make more efficient use of your energy and avoid invalid waste of electricity.

    Once plugged into the power socket, this energy-saving device stabilizes voltage and currents through the use of a system of capacitors. Whenever you plug in and use your appliances, the electricity stored in the capacitors will be released smoothly without the spikes.

    This process balances the current source and provides surge and internal leakage protection for all the products that are plugged into the power source, protecting your household appliances and electronic devices from sudden spikes or overheating and prolonging their service lifespan.

    This electricity-saving box also features a smart, plug-and-play design with LED lights that indicate operation. The external shell of this device adopts advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof material, making it reliable and safe to use.


    The benefits this electricity bill killer:

    • Reduces power consumption and helps you save hundreds of dollars on electricity bills
    • Provides stable voltage and balances the current
    • Prevents excessive waste of electricity
    • Protects your appliances and electrical gadgets from power surges and increases their lifespan
    • Prevents electrical overheating on 
    • Easy to connect, plug-and-play design
    • Load capacity: 5kW – 19kW
    • Compact in size
    • Safe to use & environment-friendly

    Researchers are convinced this device could spell the end of unaffordable power bills that can cripple the average wage-earner at the end of the month. Scientists initially spent many months trying to debunk claims of efficacy, but those studies now prove that the Electricity Saver Box should be commonplace in every household.


    Alex Williams’ Testimonial on the power-saving effects of Electricity Saver Box

    I live off an average monthly wage, so I often struggle to pay the ever-increasing electric bills. I tried everything to reduce my power consumption, turning off all the fans and lights and rarely using the air conditioner. But those didn't even make a difference. Not sure if my power regulators are rigged or something. So I decided to try the Electricity Saver Box.

    Month 1:

    I plugged it into my power source and after a month, this brought down my outrageous electric bill on that billing period. Another amazing thing about this device is it doesn't require any installation procedure. I just connect this to the power source and forget that it's there!

    Month 2:

    I can now attest to the efficacy of this power-saving device. I kept this plugged in and waited again for the monthly bill to arrive just to see if this was the one responsible for cutting my power expenses in half, and it really was! This does not only reduce my consumption, it also prevents my appliances from overheating, especially my computer system and laptop. I guess I'm keeping this plugged in for good.



    • Rated Voltage: 90V - 250V
    • Rated Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
    • Payload: 28000W
    • Standard: US / UK / EU / AU
    • Size: 98 x 58 x 29mm/3.85 x 2.28x1.14 inch


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Electricity Saver Box

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