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    Migraine Relief Cap

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    Migraine Relief Cap

    This is a great option for me as I often use cold compress when I'm having a headche. This migraine relief cap fits well and gives hands-free cold compress. I can put this on and fidget around the bed or couch comfortably, and even use my phone while wearing it. I often suffer from mild headaches, and this product delivers just enough relief every time. Giving it 5 stars! - Alisha Kaur (25), UK


    Excellent fit! It wraps comfortably around the head and the cold last long enough to for my migraine to subside. I wear this even if I get only stress-induced mild headaches and it relaxes me. The snug fit allows me to get into any position that feels comfortable for me. Love the quality of this migraine cap and I'll be purchasing another one for my daughter. - Amber Chapman (49), US


    I get severe headaches and ringing ears, especially when I'm tired and stressed after a workday. This migraine cap helps keep the pain away. It even gives gentle pressure on my face and eyes that I literally felt my facial musles relax. I don't like it too cold. So what I usually do is keep it inside the fridge the whole day so it'd be ready to use when I get home. Great product! Thanks for this! - Taylor Thompson (35), AUS


    Cold Therapy for Headaches & Migraines: How does it work?

    Cold therapy has been used as a home remedy for headache pain for over 150 years. Health experts and researchers believe that ice packs or cooling packs help cool the blood flowing to the carotid artery in the neck, which help reduce the inflammation in the brain and relieve the pain. When the blood vessels constrict, it helps reduce the neurotransmission of pain to the brain. Instead of pain, it registers the cold from the ice pack, helping dull the ache.

    A Pittsburgh-based, certified sports chiroprator, Dr. Alex Tauberg, recommends putting the ice directly to area where you experience pain or at the base of the skull for 20 minutes. Then, put the cold pack again after an hour until the pain subsides.


    Is Heat Therapy for Headaches & Migraines Just as Effective?

    Based on an article published by the National Headache Foundation, ice and heat can be used to lessen migraine and headache pain. Both are safe to add with medications and other therapies prescribed by healthcare provider. Generally, those suffering from migraine prefer cold packs, while tension-type or muscle contraction headache sufferers find more relief in warm packs.

    Low-level heat applied directly on the skin is believed to reduce tension and stiffness. It lessens headache pain by increasing the blood flow to the brain and relaxing tense muscles, helping numb the pain.

    Health experts recommend applying heat compress on the neck and posterior part of head for 15 to 20 minutes and never leave it on while you sleep. Sufferers can also alternate the cold pack and warm compress for 15 minutes each until the ache subsides.


    Almost everyone experience headache at some point. Although the possible triggers, duration, and pain intensity vary, headache can disrupt your daily activities or keep you from doing the things you love.

    Some of the different types of common headache include migraine, cluster, sinus, post-traumatic, spinal, and stress and tension headaches. Severe cases require immediate medical attention, while mild or less severe headache sufferers respond well to different treatments and home remedies like a cooling pack or heat compress.


    Dual Therapy Therapy Technique for All Types of Headaches

    The Migraine Relief Cap comes with a built-in THERMAX ICE gel pack, which can be used for hot or cold therapy. This wearable headache relief cap is engineered to heat and freeze at the optimal temperatures every time you use it, providing relief even to the most severe headaches.

    Expert grade gel and premium insulation wrapped in a 360° form-fitting design hold the ideal temperature for the recommended 15 minutes. The comfortable, one-size-fit-all design with pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently wraps around the head and cushions pressure points.

    When chilled, this natural cold therapy migraine relief hat helps constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation, muting pain transmission signals. When used as a heat therapy, the warm compress relaxes muscles, melts tension, and relieves stress-induced headaches.


    How to freeze or heat up the Migraine Relief Cap:

    • For cold therapy, simply put the cap inside the included zip bag, store it in the freezer or refrigerator, and cool for 2 hours between uses. Leaving it inside the fridge is also recommended for ready-to-use migraine and headache relief anytime.
    • For hot therapy, pop it in the microwave at room temperature for as little as 20 seconds. Then use the relief cap to help you slip into deep relaxation. You can use it as a heat compress to ease muscle tension and relieve pain.
    • Note: This natural, single-piece headache cap can be reused and worn safely on bare skin.


    Ultimate Flexibility & Comfort Wear

    The stretchable, slip-on cap has no scratchy velcro and uncomfortable hard inserts and straps, making it easy to slide on and off. Its patent pending design lets you wear the cap over your eyes, face, and head, blocking light for sensitivity, covering sinus areas, and preventing cold ears.

    The compression from the hat gently targets all areas of pain, making it suitable for all types of headaches, as well as eye, cranial, facial muscle tension, and stress relief.


    Unlike hard ice packs, the soft gel in this headache relief cap prevents unnecessary pressure on specific areas. Whether you want to wear it while doing chores, reading, or watching TV or laying on a couch or in bed in any position, the design delivers wearing comfort and flexibility.


    When worn over the eyes, the dark material blocks out 100% of the light. It can also be used as an ice pack eye mask for tired or puffy eyes. In addition, the hat functions as no-medication, natural relief for stress and muscle tension when used as a heat therapy.


    This flexible, migraine relief cap delivers 360° cold and hot compression therapy and pain relief while resting comfortably for faster recovery.


    The Migraine Relief Cap has been proven to:

    • Provide dual therapy technique to treat all types of headaches, including migraine, cluster, sinus, stress/tension, and neck and shoulder pain
    • Feature a 360° form-fitting design for cold compression or heat coverage
    • Fit every face, head & eye and slide on and off easily
    • Come in a one-size-fit all, slip-on design with no straps, velcro, and hard inserts for comfortable, flexible wear
    • Provide headache and migraine relief while letting you rest comfortably
    • Covers the eyes, face, and head, blocking light for sensitivity and preventing cold ears
    • Reduce inflammation, tension, sinus, and stress
    • Work well with women, men, and children who suffer from headaches, migraines or facial tension
    • Prevent unnecessary pressure on specific areas
    • Depuff tired and baggy eyes when used as an ice pack eye mask
    • Gently compress the face, eye, and head, targetting all areas that cause pain
    • Minimize the need to take Excedrin, Advil, and other headache medication
    • Last for thousands of uses. Just wash it regularly to remove germs.

    The Migraine Relief Cap has received over 10,000 positive testimonials and numerous features in media such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and USA Today. Customers rave about the product's soft and comfortable compression, durability, and efficacy when it comes to treating chronic migraines. Multiple customers also claimed that the product works on any kind of headache and tension problems.


    Some doctors recommend heat therapy to relax and soothe muscles while healing damaged tissues. Athletes may also use hot therapy to expedite the healing process. For headache pain, some people experience significant relief from heat therapy because heat therapy acts as a nerve distractor, reducing the perception of pain.” - Ariane, design & lifestyle blogger


    Emilia Reid, 27, praised the Migraine Relief Cap for providing solution to her migraine pain

    First week

    I suffered from migraine and ringing ears, and they did not only affect my daily activities but also prevented me from achieving deep, quality sleep. I purchased the Migraine Relief Cap ‘cause I don’t want to rely on pain meds for every migraine attacks. Buying this product is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made recently.

    I put this on the fridge for two hours before using. The first time I wore it, I instantly felt the cooling comfort and the softness of the material. Followed the instructions and wore it for 15 minutes and it really reduced the pain. I also felt the sufficient pressure that gives calming and relaxing effect. Very happy with the purchase!


    2 months of use

    This headache cap has become a staple in my after-work relaxation routine. I let this stay in the fridge to keep it cool, so I can use it every time I have severe headaches. This also improved my sleep, significantly reducing the duration and frequency of my headaches. Amazing! On weekends, I use this as a heat compress to soothe neck and facial muscles. Thanks a lot for this product!


    Product Specifications:

    • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 0.5 x 6.5 inches; 1.3 Pounds


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Migraine Relief Cap

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