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    Needle Tube Solder Paste

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    Needle Tube Solder Paste

    Connor Griffiths, USA

    This solder paste is good for surface-mount soldering work. Whether I'm doing minor repairs or working on prototypes, this is the product I reach out for. The bond this solder paste created when I mounted my microprocessor was so strong, I was impressed. This stuff works great for DIY, manual work. And it's easy to use as well!


    Noah Anderson, UK

    Amazing! The solder paste is viscous enough to easily pass through the needle when I'm doing some complex prototyping. It makes it easy to control the thickness of the dispensed product, making it great for all types of electronic and mobile boards. This type of dispensing system works very well for me. I highly recommend this Needle Tube Solder Paste.


    Esteban Newman, AUS

    I needed solder paste for some minor SMD applications and came across this product. It works great! The paste squeezed out easily through the needle and applied accurately without bridging. I also used this to reattach the rear defrost cable on my rear window, and the adhesion was so strong. The paste really stayed in place while I was heating it up. I'm absolutely planning a repurchase and will stick to this brand from now on.


    Solder Paste & Its Applications

    Solder paste, which is made of a complex combination of metal solder particles, flux, and other additives, is used to create an electrical or mechanical joint between two metals. The metal alloy can be easily applied to the board during PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly and BGA (Ball Grid Array) or SMT (Surface Mount Technology) applications.

    The viscosity of the solder paste at normal temperature can be used to initially adhere an electrical component to a predetermined position. At the soldering temperature, the solder tin paste creates a permanent bond between the soldered component and the printed circuit pad with the evaporation of the solvent and some additives.


    The PCB/BGA Dedicated Formula of the Needle Tube Solder Paste

    The innovative, unique chemical formula of the Needle Tube Solder Paste delivers a potent combination of excellent wetting and superior durability. The quality, anti-dry formula is easy to weld and remains moist for 36 hours after opening.

    The smart design makes it suitable for various applications in the mobile phone repair and computer digital service industries and widely applicable in different soldering processes. With a solder sphere of 20 to 38 microns, the solder tin paste delivers good adhesion for a variety of appliances, mobile and electrical components, and other high-precision SMT/BGA soldering processes.

    When used on circuit board soldering, the Needle Tube Solder Paste leaves a clear residue that makes it easy to facilitate visual inspection and only requires one time cleaning. The use of efficient energy thixotropic agents prevents the collapse of the printing and preheat and ensures a fine pattern.


    How to use this silver solder paste:

    • Step 1: Open the lid by turning it counterclockwise.
    • Step 2: Install the needles (needles included in the package).
    • Step 3: Open the protective cover and install the push rod.
    • Step 4: High quality solder paste is easy to use on the motherboard and other circuit boards.

    Preservation Method:

    • The Needle Tube Solder Paste should be kept at 1-10℃.
    • Before the opening, the temperature of the solder paste should be raised to the ambient temperature (25℃), and the temperature return time should be about 3-4 hours.
    • Product should be used within 6 months.
    • Avoid sun exposure.



    • Use only with adequate ventilation.
    • The solder paste contains an organic solvent. Avoid repeated contact with skin. If the solder paste gets on your skin, wipe it off with alcohol and rinse thoroughly with water.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes.
    • Keep the  Needle Tube Solder Paste away from children.

    The multi-purpose Needle Tube Solder Paste can be used in a variety of soldering process applications, including chip drag in and planting tin, chip tin removal, LED lighting, electronic component, motor, appliance repair, and mobile phone chip welding.

    This uniquely formulated solder tin paste is:

    • Widely used for USB tail plug and close-foot IC welding
    • Uniquely formulated to provide excellent wetting and good adhesion
    • Adapted to the mobile phone repair and computer digital service industries and applicable to high-precision circuit board soldering and SMT/BGA soldering processes
    • Highly reliable in terms of removing any oxidized metal from the surfaces to be soldered and improving wetting characteristics of liquid solder by facilitating amalgamation
    • PCB/BGA dedicated. Solder tin paste is easy to weld and creates reliable solder joints.
    • Durable, flexible, and anti-dry. The surface remains moist for 36 hours after opening.
    • Easy to use and clean. It leaves transparent residue that doesn't affect detection.
    • Made with efficient energy thixotropic agents, which help prevent printing and preheat collapse

    One of the best things about using silver solder paste is the fact that it comes in a syringe! This makes the application of solder paste incredibly precise – excellent for soldering jump rings together. Simply remove the cap from your syringe and secure the needle that comes with it in place. - excerpt from an article published by The Bench by Cooksongold.


    Marco Santos’ experience with the Needle Tube Solder Paste

    1st use:

    This product provides the easiest way to put solder paste on a PCB! I used the Needle Tube Solder Paste for surface mount components, and using the needle to dispense the gooey suspension of flux and solder makes circuit board assembly such a breeze. The solder paste flows into the pads without bridging.

    2nd use:

    In my second use, I used this for reflow soldering for my oven and it still worked well! Though it has a limited lifespan when opened, this product still delivers great wetting and is easy to work with. The solder paste sets up thick but wouldn't damage anything it touches. Amazing.


    Product Specifications:

    • Length: 102mm
    • Weight: 35g


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Needle Tube Solder Paste (with lead medium temperature)
    • 1 x Push Head
    • 2 x Needles

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