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    Non-Slip Ice Silk Socks

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    Non-Slip Ice Silk Socks

    Lana Rogers (22), UK

    I love wearing slip-on sneakers and I have sweaty feet so wearing socks is a must for me. I bought these ice-silk socks 'cause I was looking for something thin and low cut enough to wear with my sneakers. These are perfect! They feel cozy and breathable. I especially like wearing these socks during summer because the heat makes my feet extra sweaty. I love that it dries quickly and has some sort of deodorizing effect. I only have good things to say about these products. I'm never leaving the house without it.


    Rosie Poole (29), AUS

    These non-slip, barely there socks feel so refreshing to wear! I can wear this everyday and forget that it's there. The material feels so soft and comfortable. Plus, it doesn't trap heat so I can wear it on hot days without my feet getting all sweaty and smelly. Giving this product a 5-star rating.


    Sandra Tan (33), US

    I'm a huge loafers fan. But every time I wear it without socks, it either gives me calluses or it gets slippery with sweat, making it uncomfortable to walk. So I was browsing online and came across these ice silk socks. Bought two pairs and have been loving them ever since! It has a low-profile design but the wearing comfort this product gives me is just superb! Definitely buying more in different colors.


    What Really is Ice Silk?

    Ice silk is a cool and comfortable fabric that is made of denatured polyviscose fiber. This type of fiber has more air permeability and moisture-absorbing property and better shape retention and drape than the typical viscose fiber.

    When it comes in contact with skin, the uniquely structured cross-section nylon fiber and nano-grade cooling particles in the ice silk help regulate temperature and disperse heat to keep the body cool. The fabric is engineered with small particles that give beneficial properties such as moisture elimination and odor and bacterial resistance.

    Smooth, generally light-colored, breathable, cooling, anti-ultraviolet, and antistatic are just some of the typical characteristics of ice silk. Its moisture content is also compatible with the physiological requirements of human skin, making this fabric an ideal choice for making cooling, moisture-wicking, and anti-sweat garments.


    Triple Chilling Effect of the Ice Silk 

    1. Cooling mineral

    The mineral powder embedded in ice silk fabric gives air permeability. As it enhances internal air circulation, the fabric quickly diffuses heat, leaving a cool, refreshing feeling.

    2. Active Wicking

    The excellent breathability of ice silk helps wick sweat and moisture and maintains and increases the cooling effect.

    3. Rapid Drying

    Ice silk is made of fine fibers with hydrophobic characteristics, allowing it to resist water and moisture penetration. So, sweat evaporates quickly and the fabric dries faster.


    Cooling Ice Silk Top Layer & Soft, Sweat-Absorbing Cotton Bottom

    The Non-Slip Ice Silk Sock blends the cooling and breathable comfort of ice silk with the heat dissipation and moisture-wicking, sweat-absorbing properties of the cotton fabric. The thin top layer is made of ice silk lycra, which gives ventilation and ensures that the sock is more breathable especially during hot summer days. The lycra rubber band also boasts of elasticity. Its stretchability makes it compatible with many foot sizes.

    The cushiony, quick-drying sock sole is made of 93.3% cotton and 0.7% spandex, which allow for more ventilation and better absorption and evaporation of sweat. The sock’s soft and thin design won’t feel stuffy. It allows heat and moisture to dissipate quickly, preventing excessive sweating and bacteria buildup and providing a deodorizing effect.


    No-show Sock with Anti-slip Silicone Gel

    The sole and heel feature non-allergy cloth paste and anti-slip silicone gel. This multi-track, double anti-skid feature ensures comfortable grip while walking and wearing any type of shoes. The tip of the sock is also boneless, taking comfort to greater heights.

    Its unique, seamless closure around the inside top edge of the sock gives invisible grip. The closure design keeps the sock closer to your feet, providing a barefoot sense while you walk or run. No need to worry about falling down to your shoe when moving around!


    This wear-resistant, anti-stripping ice silk sock gives cooling comfort and invisible support when wearing loafers, high heels, sneakers, ballet flats, and other closed shoes.

    The Non-Slip Ice Silk Sock:

    • Comes in a thin and breathable design that keeps your foot dry and cool during summer, spring, and autumn
    • Prevent excessive sweating and moisture and bacteria buildup
    • Gives a comfortable, cushiony feel to the feet
    • Adheres to any foot size and shape, giving barefoot sense while you walk
    • Prevents slipping or falling down into your shoes when walking or running
    • Dispenses heat and allows moisture and sweat to evaporate
    • Enhances sweat absorption and ventilation
    • Provides a deodorizing effect to prevent smelly feet
    • Allows invisible depth and free cutting

    I hated wearing socks but I found them beneficial in hot, humid weather when my feet excessively sweat. I tried the Non-slip ice silk sock and it felt so cozy and cool. The breathable design ensures ventilation of your feet, so I wear this often during summer with flats, loafers, and heels. The product is amazing because it not just absorbs and evaporates moisture, it also controls the smell and keeps my feet fresh and dry. Definitely a must-try!- Francesca Scott (28), fashion influencer.


    Maddison Berry (24) from the Portland, Oregon raves about the Non-Slip Ice Silk Sock

    At first glance, this ice silk sock looks like any typical no-show sock in the market. But wearing it for the first time completely changed my mind. This sock is one of those invisible socks that actually stay put! No display of peeking socks when I wore my low-cut flats. Love it!

    I bought two pairs of these socks and after two months of use, the quality of the fabric is still intact. This sock is true to its wear-resistant claims. I use this almost everyday and it prevents blisters even when I went on a whole day of walking around. This sock really goes well with my ballet flats, slip on sneakers, and leather loafers. So, I’m definitely filling my drawers with many pairs of these!


    Product Specifications:

    • Material: Ice Silk Lycra + Cotton
    • Thickness: Thin (Summer)
    • Sock Type: Unisex Socks
    • Color: Yellow, Beige, Pink, Orange, Sage, Green, Navy, Black, Deep Grey, Red, White, Grey
    • Size: 35-39 / 39-44


    Package includes:

    • 1 pair x Non-Slip Ice Silk Socks

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