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    Non-Slip Washing Machine Foot Pads

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    Non-Slip Washing Machine Foot Pads

    STOP YOUR WASHING MACHINE FROM SHAKING AND VIBRATING! The Shockproof Suction Washer Stands will reduce movement, noise, and rattle in your washer or dryer once and for all!


    Stops your washing machine from moving.

    This will reduce movement, noise, and vibrations instantly. Specially engineered to maximize the absorption of vibrations and to increase your appliance's grip on the floor. 


    Peace and quiet laundry time.

    Our premium material provides remarkable sound and vibration absorption ensuring a still & silent laundry time. This isolates noise, dampens vibrations & absorbs shocks from your appliance to prevent the transfer of noise and vibrations to your floor and the rest of your home.

    Protects your floor and appliance.

    These Washing Machine Foot Pads not just absorb shock for vibrating appliances, but also protects floors from scuffs and scratches and the appliance itself from damage.

    Strong grip technology.

    Our innovative design provides stronger traction from the top & bottom of each pad, preventing your vibrating washer from walking, skidding & moving. Our grip technology provides up to 60% more pad surface area in direct contact with your floor, significantly increasing floor friction compared to similar pads. 

    Easy to install.

    Installs in just a few steps without tools or need for professional installation; No need for adhesives or metal plates. Simply tilt your washing machine to one side, slide an anti-vibration pad under each of the lifted feet, then lower your appliance's feet onto the pads and repeat for the other side. A quick tip: Level your appliance before installing.


    4pcs x Shockproof Suction Washer Stands

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