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    PerfectWax™ Furniture Polish Beeswax

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    PerfectWax™ Furniture Polish Beeswax
    Bring new life to your wooden furniture and use this multifunctional polishing beeswax!  

    An all-purpose restoration wax that successfully erases all years of dirts and grease build ups, scratches, spill marks, and discoloration. Providing your dulled furniture around the house an instant high-gloss sheen and revealing its natural beauty without the waxy residues. It also offers a deep nutrition and acts as a protective coating that keeps out stains, cracking and moisture. Made with an all-natural beeswax that is safe to be used on various types of treated and untreated woods. Suitable for dining tables, coffee tables, desks, chairs, staircase, benches, furniture, antique woods, bamboo floorings and so on.       

    This excellent beeswax exudes a refreshing, honey scent that wraps the odd aroma of any modern or old wooden furniture. Additionally, it is formulated with neutral color to supply a flawless finish without changing the wood’s natural hue and quality. Simply clean the wood surface, apply a proper amount of the wax then spread it evenly using a sponge and wait for about 30 minutes. Once dried, you can now wipe the wood repeatedly to restore it to its tip-top look and done.

    No more dusty, old-looking furniture with this multifunctional polishing beeswax! 


    • Furniture Care Polishing Beeswax 
      A natural, quick-drying wood polisher that effectively restores your furniture's high-gloss sheen without leaving any waxy residues. It remarkably removes years of dirt and grease buildups and conceals the appearance of blemish, scratches, water rings, crayons, and discoloration. The beeswax also acts as a protective sealant that keeps out stains, cracks and moisture that causes further damages to woods. It helps to preserve your modern or antique wooden furniture and provides a permanent brand new looking brilliance.     

    • Fresh Smelling Scent
      The furniture care wax offers a pleasant, sweet honey scent that helps to mask the peculiar aroma of the wood. Leaving your furniture smelling fresh and clean after each use. No worries as the beeswax does not have an overpowering smell so you can still eat and do daily tasks without problems. 

    • Easy to Use
      This fine beeswax is soft and pliable which allows it to be effortlessly applied and controlled for an instant, long-lasting shine. Simply clean and scrub the furniture first then spread the wax evenly to the surface using a sponge or a rug and wait for at least 30 min to. Once the wax has dried, gently wipe thoroughly to polish and to penetrate the nutrition into the wood interior. You can now magically disappear years of build ups in just a swipe!

    • Wide Application
      The instant polishing beeswax is safe to be used on various types of treated and untreated woods. Suitable for solid wood, composite, mahogany, narra, oak, pine, walnut, bamboo floorings and so on. You can try it out for your dining tables, coffee tables, desks, chairs, staircase, benches, furniture, antique woods, floorings and more possibilities. 

    • Premium Material
      Blended with an all-natural beeswax ingredient which supplies deep nutrition to enhance and extend preservation. It exudes a light honey smell and formulated with neutral color to bring out a flawless finish without changing the wood’s natural hue. Moreover, the wood polish is also safe to come in contact with skin and does not cause irritations and allergic reactions.


    • Material: Natural Beeswax
    • Weight: 40g / 80g


    • 1 x PerfectWax™ Furniture Polish Beeswax

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