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    Plastic Retreading Agent

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    Plastic Retreading Agent

    Jake Dixon (25), London

    This product works as advertised! I used 3-4 coats on my trim and dashboard because of the fading and they now look good as new! I did exactly what the instructions said and this product leaves a smooth and shiny appearance without any sticky or tacky residue. This has become a car interior maintenance staple. Thanks! 


    Lukas Sherman (33), Seattle


    Really works as a sealer! I used this retreading agent on the rubber edges of my vehicle and it leaves a beautiful gloss. It really restores the parts that have been damaged and even gives a protective coating that repels dust and traces of usage. Very impressed with the quality of this restoration agent. Will keep repurchasing.


    Gianni Salinas (41), California

    This stuff not just restores the original appearance and color of the plastic and leather parts of my car, it also leaves a clear coating of protection. The solution is very easy to use and doesn't leave marks after application. The protective coating also saves me from frequent visits to car wash and auto detailing shops ‘cause it does such a good job of maintaining the quality and appearance of my car interior. Incredible product!


    Understanding The Root cause of Damaged Surfaces

    Long hours of usage and exposure to the sun and other environmental factors cause fading, wear and tear, and contamination to the plastic and leather parts in your vehicle. UV rays and IR light, weather, acid rain, industrial fall out, tree sap, and bird droppings are contributing factors to your vehicle plastic and leather parts' deterioration.

    With the Plastic Retreading Agent, you can restore your plastic, leather, and trim pieces back to its original appearance and color.


    The Hydrophobic Properties in the Automotive Plastic Retreading Agent

    Hydrophobic is a property of a substance that repels water. When used in materials and solutions, it delivers functional properties such as corrosion resistance and waterproofness.

    When a hydrophobic solution is applied on any plastic or leather surface, it acts as a protective coating that shields surfaces from temperature and water damage, stains, pollutants, discoloration, and deterioration.

    For instance, the hydrophobic properties in the Plastic Retreading Agent function as a sealer, leaving a gloss and shield of protection that prevents rainwater, snow, ice, clear sleet, and road sprays from adhering to the glass.


    Water-soluble Formula & Durability for Regular Maintenance for All Surfaces

    Just a few drops of this automotive plastic retreading agent on the applicator is enough to restore your vehicle interior and trim pieces to its former shine and brand-new look in a matter of minutes.


    The advanced water-repellent coating lasts 6 to 12 months and features temperature resistance  of up to 300 degrees Celsius. These features allow the shiny, protective coating to shield your leather and plastic surfaces from UV rays and road grime, which cause oxidation and premature surface aging such as wear, dullness, and fading.

    This plastic polish eco-friendly, oil- and streak-free formula effectively removes grime, stains, water spots, and oil residue without drying out or damaging your rubber, trim, and plastic surface, paint, or any vehicle part it may come in contact with.

    Due to its high temperature resistance and durable coating, this refurbishing agent can also be applied on high-heating parts of the vehicle such as engine cover or muffler.


    Versatile Application & One-Step, Waterless Cleaning Process

    The efficacy, practicality, and durability of this plastic refurbishing agent will help you save a lot of money on vehicle maintenance costs. One cleaning on the desired area will give your vehicle parts the dust-proof, water-resistant coating and the glossy and shiny effect that lasts for a long time.


    Aside from cleaning and maintaining the look of your rubber edge, tires, rear guards, dashboards, door frames and panels, leather seats, pedals, and other car plastic and rubber parts, the Plastic Retreading Agent restores the appearance of any other plastic or leather items such as window profiles, roller shutters, kitchen and office furniture, and radio and TV housings.


    The Plastic Retreading Agent maintains your investment and restores your vehicle’s dull plastic and trim parts to its former glory!

    This automobile plastic retreading agent has been proven to:

    • Restore the brand-new, shiny look of your car interior/exterior surfaces
    • Prevent decontamination and premature surface aging
    • Remove road grime, stains, water spots, and oil residue
    • Protect plastic and rubber surfaces from damage caused by UV rays, weather, acid rain, industrial fall out, bird droppings, tree sap, and other road grime
    • Deliver a clean, smooth, and shiny finish
    • Leave a protective water- and dust-proof resistant coating that lasts 6 to 12 months
    • Resist temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius. The product can be used on high-heating parts such as engine cover or muffler.
    • Prevent drying, whitening, and fading
    • Help you save on costly vehicle maintenance
    • Prevent damage to your paint and rubber, trim, and plastic surfaces. Product is formulated with eco-friendly, water-soluble ingredients that are safe to use.
    • Allow easy, waterless cleaning
    • Apply not only to the car interior and exterior; it can also be used on car bumpers, trucks, motorcycles, and other office and household plastic and leather items

    The Plastic Retreading Agent will deliver effective restoration of your exterior and interior car parts. I had a great experience with this product. This brings back the shine and appearance of my vehicle's indoor and outdoor parts. Definitely a cost-effective plastic and trim solution! This product removes the stains from the surface of my dashboards and leather seats. The retreading agent also leaves a protective coating on the rubber edges of my car exterior, protecting it from the sun's rays, water stains, smog, and airborne contaminants.

    Luca Jenkins (30), automobile news and trends blogger


    Vincenzo Hartman (29) raved about the Plastic Retreading Agent

    Dirt and grime has accumulated on the plastic section of my car's interior. I wanted to get rid of all of it fast. So I purchased the Plastic Retreading Agent to restore and clean my automobile's interior, including the dashboard, inner door space, cockpit area, and other leather and rubber trim.

    The first use:

    I applied this product about a week ago, and it was amazing! When I applied the liquid formula on my car surfaces, there weren't any harsh fumes or tacky surfaces left behind. I sprayed and wiped all the dirt off in one single step! Will wait to see if it'll last for months just as the product advertised.

    After 6 months:

    I'm impressed. I think this product is more of a restorative than a cleanser. The plastic, vinyl upholstery, and rubber parts on my car interior still looks as good and shiny as the first I applied this refurbishing agent. I also used this on the bumper that turned gray a month ago and it still looks like it's newly repaired. I am very happy with the purchase. Will continue using this for the years to come.


    How to use:

    • Make sure that the surface is thoroughly clean and scratch- and residue-free before using the Plastic Retreading Agent.
    • Dry the surface well.
    • Shake the bottle well. Then, apply the liquid to the black side of the applicator (sponge included) and spread evenly.
    • Wipe the surface clean and wait for it to dry.
    • Note: Since the product is composed of chemical substances, it is recommended to maintain ventilation during cleaning and application.


    Product Specifications:

    • Product Content: 10ml/bottle


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Plastic Retreading Agent
    • 1 x Sponge

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