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    Potty Command Spray

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    Potty Command Spray

    Fasten the potty training time and easily train your dog where to poop and urinate with the Potty Command Spray!


    Stress-free potty training.

    If you have a furry new addition to the family, this spray can help teach your pup where to “go.” No need to yell or swat, simply spray to your preferred potty location whether inside, outside, on puppy training pads, artificial grass, or a pee post for dogs. 

    Specially formulated for dog potty training.

    This is formulated to accelerate potty training. This spray reduces housetraining time when used as directed. Safe for use around pets and children when used as directed.

    Easy to use.

    Simply spray to preferred areas and the unique scent will encourage them to urinate or poop there. This product can be used inside with puppy pads for housetraining, and outside for housebreaking. Be sure to praise when she gets it right, and you'll both be happier!

    Safe and humane.

    This is a safe and humane alternative to harsh potty training methods. With a little patience and consistency, your pet will associate the correct area to eliminate themselves.

    Best paired with positive reinforcement.

    Consistency and positive potty training reinforcement are the keys! Make sure to always reinforce good potty training behavior with praise, pets, and treats.


    • Net Content: 60ml
    • Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, Natural Tobacco, Clove, Menthol

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