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    Quickfresh™ Lawn Care Greening Sprayer

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    Quickfresh™ Lawn Care Greening Sprayer

    Keep your lawn looking at its green best even through the chilling winter or scorching summer with this grass enhancing coloring spray!

    This color agent offers a vibrant healthy hue that can turn even your most withered brown turf into an enticing, realistic greenery in a spray. It is designed with a handy bottle and fine nozzle head for better application. Providing your lawn an effortless, uniformed painting to prevent mismatched hues and messy spreadings. Ideal for dormant, dry and dead grass areas. Moreover, the enhancement colorant has a quick-drying formulation that holds well to the grass without any color transfer after.

    The grass coloring spray supplies a strong adhesion and green-enhancing active formula that can last for an incredible 2-3 months. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and continuous changes without fading or staining. Furthermore, the agent is formulated with a non-toxic and non-corrosive gentle ingredient that is completely safe for people, pets and the environment. Making it a great solution to a pristine, eye-catching greener field. Suitable for  residential lawns, commercial landscaping, court lawns, garden lawns, golf course lawns, park lawns, soccer fields, and so on.   

    Spruce up your dulled-withered lawn and have the greenest grass on the block using this grass enhancing coloring spray!


    • Excellent Grass Spray Agent
      A water-based colorant with 100% natural green pigment that effectively covers all the withering brown spots and other lawn damages. Providing your dried grass an enticing, realistic emerald hue that blends flawlessly to your existing healthy green turf. The paint’s formulation is applicable for dormant, dry, dead grass areas or full lawn.

    • Uniform Lawn Application
      The grass enhancement agent comes with a fine nozzle spray that delivers the solution in a consistent, even sprinkle after a press. Allowing it to easily spread to your damaged yard without having an odd, mismatched painting. It has an exceptional rapid-drying feature that lets the colorant to hold onto the grass perfectly and prevent any color transfer after. Additionally, the agent offers an amazing 60 ml and it can dye your grass green in a single spray which is great for bigger areas or full coverage.

    • Long-Lasting Performance
      This coloring spray supplies a powerful adhesion and active substances that can maintain your lawn’s lush green for about 2-3 months. It also does not fade off with water and can withstand intense weather conditions. Saving it from staining or making a mess even through the changes in seasons. No need for daily painting anymore unlike other regular products.
    • Wide Application
      The green grass paint can be applied for various types of lawns. Suitable for residential lawns, commercial landscaping, court lawns, garden lawns, golf course lawns, park lawns, soccer fields, and other athletic fields.

    • Gentle Solution
      Made of high-quality, non-corrosive vibrant colorant that also provides a professional care for grass to ensure future natural growth. It is completely non-toxic and non-irritating for all skin types which makes it safe for people, pets and the environment. 

    The coloring spray can be played at, laid at, get picnics on and such after its been applied to the grass.  

    • Ingredient: Rubber resin extract, containing appropriate amount of nitrogen, hydrogen, potassium and micro-elements
    • Weight: 60ml
    • 1 x Quickfresh™ Lawn Care Greening Sprayer

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