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    Snacking Finger Chopstick (2pcs Set)

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    Snacking Finger Chopstick (2pcs Set)

    LOVE TO SNACK? This Finger Chopstick will let you enjoy your favorite snack without getting cheese or grease on your fingers, controllers, keyboard, and mouse! 


    Changing the way you snack. 

    The Finger Chopstick is a chopstick-like device that mounts between your index and middle fingers. You squeeze your fingers together to close the tips and pick up your favorite snack.

    Perfect for multi-taskers. 

    This is a multi-tasking snacking tool that aims to keep your fingers free so you’ll be able to concentrate on other tasks with perfectly clean hands. Think of it as a modified and far more user-friendly version of the standard chopstick. 

    Mess-free snacking. 

    Gone are the days where you’ll see orange cheese dust, grease, all over your fingers and anything you touch when snacking while multitasking. This tool will keep computers, phones, tablets, and even video game controllers free of flavored dust.

    Durable and Secure fit. 

    Featuring a C-shaped finger engagement design that slides between your index and middle fingers for a secure fit. Made of food grade materials, easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.

    Easy to use.

    You only need to attach the tool to your index and middle finger. Then you can easily control the chopsticks to hold the food just like your two extra fingers.


    Material: Food Grade Plastic 

    Color: Black / Grey / White / Pink 


    Snacking Finger Chopstick x 2 (set) 

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