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    Wearable Ionic Air Purifier

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    Wearable Ionic Air Purifier

    Filter Out Pollutants Around. Breathe in Fresh Air Everyday Everywhere. 

    How does the device clean the air? 

    Ionize Technology  

    The science behind: The purifier emits more than 120 millions of electrically-charged ions. The ions transfer negative charges to harmful particles within the user radius. These negative ions can push pollutants away from the user. 

    So, instead of neutralizing the air, the purifier is creating a protective shield to keep pollutants away from you and make sure you only inhale fresh and clean air. 

    Our air purifier necklace is proven to be effective in countering 5 major pollutants: benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylenes and benzo and able to filter 87.5% of toxic particles in the air. 

    Why do I need a purifier? 

    According to the Health Department, exposure to air toxics, even at low levels, may result in health effects in our respiratory system. Air toxics come from motor vehicle exhaust and commercial and industrial processes that can spread to areas as far as 30 miles from the source so it is nearly impossible to avoid contact with toxic air particles. 

    A Harvard University investigation found that long-term average exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is associated with an increased risk of death caused by various respiratory diseases. A purifier can drive away almost all pollutants and give you an all-rounded protection. 


    Rechargeable and long-lasting. Charge to full in 2 hours and is able to operate up to 30 hours. 

    Two adjustment levels. Lower Level: energy-efficient mode, longer power usage, suitable for areas with fair air quality. High Level: shorter power usage, suitable for areas with bad air quality. 

    Safe to use. The air purifier is all safe to use and operate. There is no chemical composition. Effectively improving the air quality and freely breathing fresh air at home, school, office, or anywhere you want to use.

    Lightweight and easy to wear. This is lightweight which makes it a wearable purifier. The product includes a lanyard so you can easily wear it anytime and anywhere you want.


    • Battery: USB charge, 320mAh
    • Materials: ABS, stainless steel 
    • Weight: 48g 
    • Size: 80x35x23mm 
    • Colors: Black & White 

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